Why I started Blue Lime...

Nothing influenced my life more than a good "underdog" story. Athletes, warriors, researchers, creators, real or fictional characters throughout history, who became victors despite all odds staked against them. Reaching their goals was indeed an astonishing achievement, however what captured my imagination was their perseverance, the sacrifice and suffering that was always a prerequisite for all great accomplishments. Through my career spanning two continents, in both for profit and non-profit sector, I was fortunate enough to work with people who achieved great accomplishments. A few common things they all shared, besides perseverance and a stubborn passion for their craft, were a laser focus on goals, the ability to embrace constant change, and consciously form teams who can challenge and elevate each other in the direst circumstances. 

I founded Blue Lime Productions hoping to bring this expertise, mindset and enthusiasm to help creative individuals transform dreams into reality, while enjoying the ride, no matter how challenging it might be.

Adrian Dascal