Or, as Michael Porter famously said, “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”. Just like the two quotes are very much alike, there are many similarities between art and growing a business. We will meet you where you are, and elevate you to where you want to be, helping you focus on the things that matter. We bring your business goals to life across your organization through plans that are holistic, realistic, and adaptable to change.

How We Deliver

Business strategies take many different forms, there are no shortcuts or one-size fits all. That’s why we invest the time to understand every aspect of your organization from the outset, to ensure that the strategy you put in place achieves your organization’s business aims. We evaluate your operations, your market, your customers, your goals, your values, and your people, delivering a highly customized strategy that orients your organization toward success.

We focus on creating operational excellence that will enable the business to meet and satisfy your market’s demands. 

Market Analysis

  • Define Your Market

  • Establish Customer Value Priorities

  • Capitalize on Your Customers

  • Business Plan Development

    • Investor/Bank Ready Plans

    • SBA/Bank Ready Plan

    • Pro-forma Financial Statements

Operational Excellence

  • Review and Improve Business Analytics

    • Current Metrics Evaluation and Alignment

    • Establish Business Case Analytics for Internal and External Investments

    • Customize Accounting and Close Process Maps

  • Enterprise Cost Optimization

    • Introduce Cost Prioritization Tools and Techniques

    • Personnel Spend Analysis

    • Working Capital Assessment

  • Define Finance Strategy and Structure

    • Review and Define Investment Screening Criteria

    • Optimize Financial Reporting

    • Plan Budgeting and Forecasting Activities